Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the best thing about SimplePhoto, and what is the primary competitive advantage of SimplePhoto over other systems?

    Our consulting, support, and customization. Lots of systems offer a photographer a bunch of software, manuals, and little personalized support. In contrast, SimplePhoto is a software-free online system that provides a photographer a personalized and custom online storefront that is set-up and designed to optimize sales and presentation success. By being proactive with our photographer members our "reactive" support time with our members is minimized.

    Are there any sign-up fees?

    Zero. Free to sign up - cancel at any time. Set-up Fees? Zero. Set-up is Simple, Customizable, and FREE also included is our top quality online sales consulting service.

    What about support?

    In-house, USA based, quality, responsive support. Free of charge Phone hours are M-F 9a-6p EST with 24-hour a day online support tickets. Support tickets filled out after business hours are responded to by the next working day.

    Is there a trial Available?

    Yes, a FREE 30-Day trial! Drive the system without commitment. The only feature you can't use during the demo is an actual checkout.

    Posting or Hosting Fees?

    Zero. Post permanent online portfolios as well as timed-to-expire events - Never pay to post or extend!

    May I set my own gallery durations?

    Yes. 90 days by default; may be extended indefinitely - free of charge. Informing your clients they must order soon is the best sales strategy. We suggest 60-90 day gallery durations in most cases, with online incentives to buy right away.

    Monthly Data Transfer / Bandwidth?


    What’s my fee or commission?

    Commission rate vary between 3% - 15% depending on your sale volume and membership plan. The more you sell the lower your commission rate. See our pricing page for complete details.

    Minimum Monthly Fee?


    When does the photographer get paid for their online orders?

    Photographer Serviced Workflow - Photographers collect their own retail sales right away via PayPal or Traditional Merchant Gateway. Photographer collects just after the sale is confirmed online.

    Can I keep the website I have? Can I keep my Domain Name?

    Yes. SimplePhoto can link to any website. Any existing domain you own can point directly to your SimplePhoto account.

    What if I don't have a website and/or a dot.com / domain name?

    No Problem. We can help you search and register a domain name with the SimplePhoto WebShop. All SimplePhoto members receive $100 off of PageScene websites. You can find our more about PageScene websites at www.pagescene.com.

    Can I have an example of SimplePhoto "sales consulting"?

    Our research and metrics indicate that incentives for early buyers return higher dollar averages per order. Offer "Timed-to-Expire" Discounts to encourage early orders.

    What are some specific benefits for Wedding/Portrait Photographers?

    Sales-Oriented Online Slideshows that let your customer both add and remove Favorites from their shopping list. E-mail a photo to a friend that is wrapped in your studio branding etc…

    What are some specific benefits for Schools/Team Photographers?

    Pre-Pay Online. It's beating paper pre-pay programs by 20% (dollar average, total order volume is up too!) in our results. With the addition of this new feature, SimplePhoto now powers all 3 types of volume photography sales styles: Pre-Pay, Proofs, and Speculative